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How does it start?

How does it start?

Q: How does it all start?
A: Just like a million other stories.

How do I take the decision to actually start a blog, after years of trials, errors and daydreaming? How do I know that this time it is for real? What is the impulse to bring that kind of undertaking from my private mental realm into physical reality?


Let’s go back in time to around a month ago, when I spoke to a good friend who had just quit his job and set off to travel. While he was telling me how it felt to leave his old cosy routine, I heard one sentence that particularly dragged my attention:

…and when I walked out of the office for the very last time, I realized that, from now on, all the time in the world was mine!

I nodded in excitement, not really thinking about it too much, but for some reason it stayed in the back of my head. From now on, all the time is mine.

And a couple of days later I was given a chance to really understand what it means.

This is where my story starts, the story I want to be sharing here on this blog, the story of exploration – both of the world and my inner being. And guess what – it starts like a million other stories. This is exactly why I believe it has power and this is why I believe it will be understood.


Last month, for the first time in my life, I lost my job.

Up to this point, it was me who kept leaving jobs in search for a “better life”. Time will come to write more about that as well. But for now I am celebrating, because it is “first-time-in-my-life” kind of experience. It was also first time for me to hear some of these well-set phrases directed at me:

… company has to cut costs, shedding jobs is inevitable, it has been great to have you on the team – and a bit more of that.

But, in between the lines my manager has spoken to me, I got an extra parting message, which clearly said: YOU ARE READY.

I feel ready to go on my own and pursue writing in any form I find appropriate. Maybe I knew this deep inside, but apparently I needed to hear it from the manager, too.

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